Alex Webster

Virtual CTO

Let me manage your IT and systems requirements
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Alex Webster himself

I am a technology and systems generalist with over 20 years' experience in everything from software development, to e-commerce, to warehouse management.

I am a business owner with a commercial perspective and pragmatic style.

Above all, I am a proven problem-solver with years of practical experience.

Recent / Ongoing Work

DRM [Major Software and Integration Project, 2022 -2023]

DRM is New Zealand's leading independent music distribution label and only YouTube Multi Channel Network partner. DRM Specialises in distributing and promoting over 5000 music artists and content creators across the world.

The recently completed Integrated Client Portal project successfully transformed client-service interactions, providing a seamless online platform for clients to manage contracted services, upload and maintain music files and metadata and oversee billing. The new portal boasts intuitive onboarding, efficient service subscription management and a robust file upload system with API and DDEX integration to DRM's digital service platforms and YouTube.

Serving in the capacity of 'All Things Data & Technical' Alex's dedication and expertise made a significant impact on the success of our project. One standout quality of Alex is his proficiency in creating technical solutions with minimal requirements and ensuring the accuracy of the end result.

His meticulous attention to detail and effective problem-solving skills were instrumental in navigating the intricacies of a project that spanned multiple 3rd parties, had little detail in requirements, and had a deadline that most other IT professionals would describe as completely unreasonable.

In addition to his technical prowess, Alex possesses down to earth communication skills and a collaborative approach that helped take the stress out of deadlines and ensured everyone within the project was brought along for the journey. His ability to coordinate and communicate effectively with both the 3rd party technical teams and internal stakeholders ensured a smooth workflow and the timely achievement of project milestones.

Jody Garrett, General Manager

Fresh Office [Virtual CTO and Project Manager; 2010 - Present]

Fresh Office is a leading wholesaler and distributor of office products in New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Fresh was established in 2005 and operates from its distribution centre in Auckland, with 25 full-time staff.

As virtual CTO to Fresh Office for almost 15 years, I have been involved in all aspects of its IT systems, ensuring that the business uses technology effectively to maintain its market-leading position. Major projects have included:

  • Scoping, selection and deployment of two ERP systems, (12 years apart!)
  • Development of complex stand-alone product and pricing databases
  • Developing and launching EDI integrations with major customers such as The Warehouse Group, PB Tech and OfficeMax
  • Scoping, selection and deployment of a warehouse management system (WMS)
  • Integrating systems with courier and freight providers
  • Multiple website / e-commerce deployments and integration of the same with other systems

Alex has a unique blend of skills that greatly enhance what he offers to our business. As a business builder and owner himself, he can see and understand the impact of IT related decisions on other parts of our business. He can interact with all members of our team and outside parties to understand their needs and come up with solutions ...

... he has the ability to think outside the box and to develop cost effective solutions in timeframes that are substantially quicker than other providers. He then provides ongoing support and development to ensure systems are robust and perform as expected.

Cam Tingey, Managing Director

RHYTMETHOD [Virtual CTO, 2015 - Present]

Rhythmethod is New Zealand's largest independent music distribution company, based in Auckland.

As virtual CTO to Rhythmethod for almost a decade, I have scoped, deployed and/or developed almost every IT system and process, from the migration to Office365 to a bespoke stock and warehouse management system. Major projects have included:

  • Development of 'Playlist', the company's bespoke ordering / allocation platform
  • EDI integrations with our various customers and suppliers
  • Automation of various disparate reporting and data feeds for multiple 3rd parties
  • Automation of order imports from multiple datasources / websites

Alex's largest contribution to the business has been the development of a bespoke ordering and allocation system and warehouse management system. Known as 'Playlist', this web-based platform now allows us more efficiently to administer numerous internal and external processes.

Alex has a detailed understanding of our business and its unique processes. He proactively recommends and implements upgrades and improvements and is responsive to feature requests and feedback.

Peter Baker, Managing Director

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